w w w . a b s t a r . o r g

What does it take to be an Abstar
Roster Administrator?

Well, not much, really.

Install and run
MS FrontPage Express
      We create and edit these webpages with MS FrontPage Express, which is a nice old little 'freeware' application that you can download here*. (When all admins use the same software, it prevents 'platform conflicts.')
Edit the webpages       Go to www.abstar.org, save yourself an offline copy of the current month's roster, and practice editing it with MS FrontPage Express. Try inserting rows for new members; try changing cells' colors; try recoloring numbers. Pretty fun and easy, eh?
Upload the webpages       Here's a nifty little 'freeware' application called WS_FTP* that I use to get the pages up to the server; you might use a different one. Obviously you have to know what "ftp" is, and how to "upload" files. (Obviously you'd also have to know the username, password, and server too).
Receive the emails       Use your favorite email software (Outlook Express, Eudora, or maybe this swell tiny freeware program MW361*) to set up the roster@abstar.org entity and start receiving the status updates. (Obviously you'd also have to know the username, password, and servers too).
Spend just a few minutes each day or so       It doesn't take long at all, once you get used to it. And folks are quite patient with the updates. Also, the more Abstar roster admins there are, the wider it can be spread around.
Sounds fun?
Seems rewarding?
You betcha.

Please let me know if you would be able to help.

        * [PLEASE NOTE THE STANDARD DISCLAIMER: There's no way in hell I can guarantee that installing anything on any computer will not disrupt the space-time continuum as we know it, nor any lesser maladies either, for that matter. If you're concerned about the above-listed applications, please, pretty please, go obtain them elsewhere on the web after thorough research, or better yet, give up your dreams of being a web drone. I am not Tech Support. I can, however, report that they both run fine on my generic Win98 PC. Mine and a half a bizillion others just like it.]

Last Updated: Friday, 29 November 2002 12:00 PM Central Standard Time