The Drinker's Checkup

by Dr. Reid K. Hester, Ph.D.
Have you wondered about whether you should change your drinking? Get free, anonymous, objective and confidential help at the Drinker's Check-up.
This scientifically based program helps you take a detailed look at your drinking. It then gives you objective feedback about your drinking, comparing your drinking, consequences, risk factors, etc. to others. It finishes up with a section that helps you resolve your ambivalence about whether to change, set goals for changing, a plan for changing, and offers resources for helping you meet your goals. It takes 60-90 minutes (but you can do it in multiple sessions).
The Drinker's Check-up will not label you nor tell you what to do. What you decide to do about your drinking, if anything, is entirely up to you. If you do decide to change though, the
Check-up can help you decide how to change. It also will recommend resources to help you be successful in changing your drinking. Moderation Management is one such resource.
The initial evaluation for the Checkup is free. This is followed by a registration process, which costs $29. Users of this Drinker's Check-up web app are its sole support as we do not accept advertising or have other sources of support for it. We are so confident that that you will find this Check-up worth $29 that we offer a money back guarantee.
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New Professional Service: Checkup & Choices
Introducing a new website that supports Moderation as a goal- Developed by Dr. Reid Hester, long time Moderation Management supporter and member of our Board of Advisors, Checkup & Choices combines cutting edge research with modern web technology and a mobile-aware responsive design to help people achieve changes in their use of alcohol.
From the website
Check on your drinking or drug use, and get the tools to help you change if you choose to.
The Tools: Our powerful, proven and private tools will help you better understand and navigate your personal journey.
Get a Checkup: The Checkup helps you take a closer look at your drinking, get objective feedback, and consider what-if anything-you choose to change.
Cut Back: Most, but not all, heavy drinkers can successfully cut back. If this is your goal, these tools will improve your chances of success.
Stop Now: Want to quit? These tools will help you stop drinking or using drugs and reduce your chances of relapse.
The Science: Pioneered by acclaimed clinical researcher, Reid K. Hester, Ph.D., our evidence-based tools are the culmination of years of rigorous research, millions of dollars of National Institutes of Health grants, multiple randomized clinical trials, and peer-reviewed publications.
1) $4M+ Research grant funding received through the National Institutes of Health and invested in developing and testing our tools.
2) Randomized clinical trials with hundreds of participants over multiple years.
3) Our tools are listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) official registry of verified, evidence-based interventions.

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