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12/9/2014 10PM NOTICE: Due to circumstances beyond our control, our MMLIST listserv is currently being blocked by the Email provider "Microsoft". Affected domains include,,, and In the past, these blocks were short lived. However, this block is starting to look permanent. We do not suggest accessing the Listserv with any Microsoft email account, due to their decision to no longer support Listserv messages as "point sources of email". Feel free to write the Microsoft help desk and ask why your non-profit health service listserv (hosted by, a reputable provider of non-profit health care communication services) has been blocked; we would appreciate copies of any response. Note that Microsoft users can access List messages from a login to the ICORS.ORG web interface (see the RSS tab), either from the Archives or with our RSS feed. And they can POST; the ability to POST mail from your Microsoft Email Service should NOT be blocked- Only the reception of Listserv messages is affected.
  Our Listserv subscribers have been pleased with the free services available from other providers, such as Google's Gmail.
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We have FOUR methods for subscribing to the MM Main List.

For Free Email services that work well with our Listserv, we can suggest Google's Gmail Email service (and the "Regular" format) as an excellent FREE email solution for ours and any other Listserv system.

2) Our Quick And Easy ICORS Management Form

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(All changes on this form require a reply confirmation message from your Email account.)
The most popular options for receiving Listserv messages is whether you wish to receive these Email messages in a steady stream when they are sent ("Regular" format) or if you want them batched into a single, larger, message that only arrives once or a few times per day. ("Digest" format.)

3) The Whole Package- Create a Full ICORS Login

Complete Method- Creating an account with our provider, ICORS.ORG, can be helpful. There are additional features only available to ICORS subscribers.
Once this account is created, you can then use their interface to subscribe to MMLIST, our Listserv service with
We have a User's Guide for this complete process, in Web Page HTML Format - listserv.shtml And in Acrobat PDF Format: listserv.pdf
(Note that creating a ICORS.ORG account will also enable you to make your own changes to your subscription settings.)

We also have a Guide to RETURNING to ICORS.ORG after you have created this login-
(This was identified as a problem by some users.)
Read this documentation HERE: returning_to_icors.shtml
Or download it in Acrobat PDF Format: returning_to_icors.pdf

Log Into,
to create a free login with our provider ICORS.ORG,
and then to subscribe
to the MM Main List "MMLIST"
Read our HTML User's Guide for directions: listserv.shtml
And in Acrobat PDF format: listserv.pdf
And after creating your login, see our Returning to ICORS Instruction Guide.
(Also available as an Acrobat PDF: returning_to_icors.pdf)

4) Need Assistance? Let a Listserv Administrator help.

Ask a List Administrator, and we will set you up with your subscription or change settings for your current subscription.
Please specify if you want Regular or Digest format with your subcription request.
We also need the Email Address to use with the Listserv, and any (optional) User Name you may want to have.
Send a message with your own Email system FROM the address you wish to Subscribe, using the link below:
OR use our Contact Form:

Our volunteer Listserv Admin Team can provide personal assistance
for any user wishing to Subscribe or change settings.
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Welcome to Moderation Management's Listserv!

  To call a Listserv system a "Email distribution list" does not completely do it justice. A listserv is a unique and powerful communication system, which distributes messages via email to it's subscribers. But it is much more than that. It is a community, a healing place, a world of your creation.

  "When you join MM's national internet mailing list, it is not unlike attending a live MM meeting. Some people describe it as a group meeting in "slow motion". This is a great alternative for people who do not have MM groups in their local communities, or who prefer on-line groups."

  It is a place where you can share your experiences, successes, and challenges while addressing drinking concerns. This list tends to include social interaction as well as Moderation talk. When you first sign on, you may find that some of the posts have little to do with drinking. Give it some time. Discussion always returns to what brought us here.

  Many who have been on the list have found this "cyber-community" to be a welcome place away from their real world surroundings, and off-topic posts have become an important learning tool for restoring balance.

  We trust you will find it a special place where you can meet new friends and discuss many topics. It is our feeling that when you begin to deal with problem drinking, you also start to deal with other life issues common among listmembers.

The Work Continues.

CLICK HERE  for the Listserv Welcome Message from the "MM Welcome Team".
How does the Listserv Work?
Once you are subscribed, you may "post" messages to the listserv from your subscribed Email Address
by sending Email to our Listserv at:
And the system will send messages to your Email account during the day, according to your preferences.

NOTE: The Listserv has some difficulty sending messages to certain Email services.
If offered with your Email service, please consider whitelisting our main address:
Some Email services, however, insist on blocking our Listserv service or record incoming messages as possible "SPAM"
simply because these messages are coming from a single Internet address that is sending a large number of Email messages.
If you are having unusual problems receiving Listserv Messages, contact us at,
and we will work with you and your Email service to try to resolve the issue.

RSS Feed and MMLIST Archive Links

We are pleased to now offer an RSS Subscription Link for MMLIST. This can be an ideal way to read our Listserv WITHOUT receiving a large amount of email messages.
   Note that a subscription (see the form above) is still Required! Only Subscribed users can access our RSS feed. It is available for use by any RSS client, such as Mozilla's Firefox. (Note that Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 has difficulty fully supporting this RSS feed.)
   Also this RSS feed will require a separate ICORS.ORG login. If you don't already have an ICORS.ORG login, clicking on the RSS feed link below will put you on a login page where you can create this login. (A confirmation email message must be answered to complete this login process.)
   (Information about creating an ICORS.ORG login is available in a User's Guide.)
   If you decide to ONLY read our Listserv via either RSS or the Archives, you may set your subscription to be NO MAIL. These subscriptions can still post messages from a subscribed Email address, and read RSS and Archive messages, but will not receive any Listserv messages to the subscribed Email address.
Our RSS Feed:
MMLIST Archives:

(Note: Our Archive policy is to maintain the current month and the previous month only.)

User Help and Resources

CLICK HERE for the new Welcome Message from the "MM Welcome Team"

Our volunteer Listserv Administrators can help with many technical issues. Contact them using your onw Email system:
OR use our Contact Form:

Want to just hang out? Not feeling particularly "On Topic" (OT)
but still want to post online? Many subscribers to the MM Main List also subscribe
to the MM Clubhouse.
It's easy to join and fun to visit.

Jargon Glossary, to understand "Net Speak"
Listserv lingo is more than slang- It communicates important concepts
in a compact and efficient syntax.
Jargon Glossary

User Guide to MMLIST at ICORS.ORG
Demonstrates step-by-step how to establish a login to manage Listserv options,
how to Subscribe without an Administrator, and other useful information.
Read it now, in HTML Format - listserv.shtml
Or Download it in Acrobat PDF Format: listserv.pdf
And after creating your login, see our HTML
Returning to ICORS Instruction Guide.
(Also available as an Acrobat PDF: returning_to_icors.pdf)

*** User Policy for Moderation Management Computer Systems ***
The User Policy below applies to all systems and services in use, owned, or otherwise controlled by Moderation Management Network, Inc. ("MM")
The Moderation Management Network, Inc. computer systems are part of the MM program to help those concerned about a drinking problem. Civil public discourse is an important aspect of group support.
Moderation Management Network, Inc. will not tolerate sexual or gender-based harassment of any form. All users of MM computer systems are expected to show respect for each other. Differences of opinion are welcomed but disagreements should be respectfully expressed. Disparaging or degrading speech is not acceptable or helpful to those here to work on a drinking problem. It is requested that users refrain from using profanity and expletives.
Moderation Management Network, Inc. is not in a position to monitor all systems. However, when disruptive posting is discovered, posters will receive a private communication and if it continues, the user may be unsubscribed. Our goal is to maintain civil public discourse on any computer system owned and operated by MM. It is our reasonable expectation that all users of these systems will understand and comply with this request.
Use of MM systems is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny access to any user at any time. Questions about this policy may be addressed to
If you choose not to accept this policy, there are a number of member-run sub-lists where topics are wide-ranging and heated discussions are welcome. Note that these lists are not owned or operated by Moderation Management Network, Inc. Sub-lists are described at:
Policy updated 10/24/09
*** Click on the link below to read an important caution about online communication systems ***


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