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Our Forum Features Testimonials
and “Keepers” Posts!

Available to the Public; no login required.
(Forum Logins are free. To confuse spammers, you can register here with the ‘Secret Name’: Bill)  Our moderated Testimonial and “Keepers” sections represent some of the struggles, successes, and life experiences of our membership.

Moderation Management In The News
Moderation Management has again caught the attention of the media. A recent series of articles and presentations feature our organization, and are helping us promote our message, and programs.
National Public Radio - Morning Edition on Monday, March 23rd 2015 featured Moderation Management in a radio report. This includes an interview with our own Donna Dierker; a transcript is available on the web page. The audio segment is called “Rethinking Alcohol: Can Heavy Drinkers Learn To Cut Back?”:

Fox TV News, their broadcast news unit, did a Focus On Health segment that presented MM's program as an alternative to traditional 12-step abstinence programs. Again, this featured our own Dr. Marc Kern. The video clip (with transcript) is titled “Moderation Management Program Helps Heavy Drinkers”:
The British paper The Guardian has a feature article on MM which also discusses our popular Oakland California MM Meeting. “The next AA? Welcome to Moderation Management, where abstinence from alcohol isn't the answer”:
The Fix has a new story on us, “Moderation Management Gives Drinkers an Alternative to AA”:
Air Talk, an NPR radio show from Los Angeles, had a discussion about MM featuring Dr. Marc Kern, Chairman of the MM Board of Directors titled “Alcohol abusers seek solace in resurgence of Moderation Management Network”. Listen online; a download is available once you click the Play link:
Moderation Management offers support to mainstream media seeking to do stories about the growth of our program through our Media Group. Contact them at:

Winter Issue Available of ‘Day Thirty One’,
the Newsletter of Moderation Management

Enjoy our 12 page Winter Issue as our Holiday Gift to you. Moderation Management is pleased to announce a new issue of our Quarterly Newsletter. ‘Day Thirty One’, the Newsletter of Moderation Management. There are many articles of interest to both our supporters and curious individuals. Sign up for a subscription or ask for a single copy today.

Major new CDC Study Redefines Prevalence of “Alcoholism”
A new study just released by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) validates what we have known all along- that the vast majority of ‘problem drinkers’ cannot be defined as ‘alcoholics’. The study is titled “Prevalence of Alcohol Dependence Among US Adult Drinkers, 20092011”. This is a strong validation of our program from a major public health authority. The study was announced in an article from the Washington Post.
Read the Washington Post article at:
And get your copy of the CDC study here:

Request for Participants In A New Study
Text Messaging for Alcohol Moderation:
The Adaptive Alcohol Intervention Messaging System (AAIMS) is a research study conducted by the North Shore Health System and the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research that is designed to test whether different types of text messages can help people cut down on their drinking. We are currently recruiting participants to receive text messages via their mobile phone and complete three web-based assessments over a total of 12 weeks. Participants can be located anywhere in the United States and must have access to mobile text messaging services and the web. Participants receive a $40 Amazon gift card for completing the study. For more information please go to our website: or call us at (516) 837-1673.

Passing of an MM'er - Farewell, Rudy
Moderation Management invites all interested persons to celebrate the life and achievements of Mr. Rudy Hoeltzel. Rudy was ‘one of us’. He came to the program as any other participant and found a cause he truly believed in. Many people may know Rudy as the author of our popular "Steps of Change" document, and as a co-author of "Responsible Drinking". He also founded and led the Morristown New Jersey MM Meeting for over ten years.
  Rudy has an extensive remembrance and obituary on our Memorial Page. To send remembrances to his family go to If Rudy has had an influence in your life, we invite you to leave a memory here.

Reader's Digest Article is Online!
READ the health article Sobering Up, written by journalist Gabrielle Glaser, now available online! This article from the March 2014 Issue of "Reader's Digest" features our own
Donna Dierker.

Story featuring MM's Chairman Marc Kern's Practice
Alternatives Addiction Treatment
(A Moderation-Friendly therapist) was featured in a recent article in the national Jewish Journal. The article asks "Can moderation join abstinence as an addiction therapy?", and uses Dr. Adi Jaffe from Marc Kern's "Alternatives" practice, along with MM Therapist Dr. Mark Sobell, as a way to answer the question.

Oprah Hearts MM!
The October edition of
O, The Oprah Magazine
includes a feature article about
Moderation Management: Our sincere thanks to Oprah for again demonstrating her continuing interest in Moderation Management, and making our program known to her many supporters.

NY Times story featuring an MM Therapist
The Center for Motivation and Change
(A Moderation-Friendly therapist) was featured in a New York Times article by Gabrielle Glaser, published July 3 2014. The Center's approach using motivational interviewing and harm reduction therapy is discussed as new tools for treating individual and family issues. Contact: CMC Center for Motivation and Change 276 Fifth Ave, Suite 1101, NYC (212) 683-3339

Please Help MM Support Research Requests
Interested in joining OTHER studies?
We have a new Listserv to support research requests:
This group consists of self-selected individuals who are willing to accept requests from researchers looking for research participants. These researchers must first apply for and be approved by Moderation Management™; research requests can be sent to

Psychology Today article featuring MM!
  In "How to Disappear Completely", MM member Kelsey Osgood discusses her experiences battling anorexia and challenges with alcohol as a participant in the Moderation Management program.

Moderation Management™ announces
our new Chairman of the MM Board of Directors

  Moderation Management welcomes Dr. Marc Kern as our new Chairman of the Moderation Management Board of Directors
  Our thanks also to our outgoing Chairman, Dr. Andrew Tatarsky, who guided the Moderation Management Board of Directors for over a decade and continues as an active board member.
See our Who We Are page.

NPR Interviews Gabrielle Glaser
"New Thinking On Women And Alcohol"
  Journalist Gabrielle Glaser was interviewed on January 20th on the NPR show "Here & Now". Moderation Management™ is featured in this interview! A podcast (Download with this link, 6.26mb) of this interview can be downloaded from the NPR website at:
(The webpage's comments are well worth reading.)

New York Times Op-Ed Piece
"Cold Turkey Isn't the Only Route"
  Renowned journalist Gabrielle Glaser has written a controversial Op-Ed for the New York Times, describing moderation as an acceptable solution for lifestyle problems with alcohol. Please take some time to read the comments and understand that, although we have come far, there is still a long way to go.

The MM Store is now open at Cafe Press!
The new Moderation Management™ store
is now open at Cafe Press.
MM-Branded items are available.
Visit at:
Moderation Management also recieves a significant donation from each sale.

New Studies show acceptance
of Moderation Options by Therapists

Two new studies, just released, show the therapeutic community has a high degree of acceptance for moderation therapies.
They are available as abstracts for free; full text PDF's are available for a fee. National Institute of Health:
And the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment:
  The full text of these articles are available as either a subscription or a paid fee- $11.95 and $31.50. But the abstracts effectively summarize the results- Moderation therapies appear to be becoming a mainstream option for traditional addiction treatment practitioners.

New Book Announced by Stanton Peele
"Recover! Stop Thinking Like an Addict and Reclaim Your Life with The PERFECT Program"
Written by Stanton Peele and Ilse Thompson, the book will be generally available on February 4th 2014. Pre-orders are taken at Amazon:   Dr. Peele has long been a powerful advocate for Moderation therapies, and a good friend of Moderation Management.

New Podcast, featuring our Dr. Marc Kern
Dr. Adi Jaffe and Dr. Marc Kern (an MM Founder and member of the Moderation Management Board of Directors) join Dr. Drew for a discussion about addiction and the slightly different ways that they approach recovery and management of the disease. Later they take calls from listeners on opiate addiction, methamphetamine dependency turning to alcohol dependency and why the body has THC receptors.
Their wide-ranging discussion includes Moderation Management, Dr. Kern's book (co-author) Responsible Drinking, and a doctor's perspective on addiction and recovery.

New Research Paper Released, featuring MM
"Moderation Management: A Mutual-Help Organization for Problem Drinkers Who Are Not Alcohol-Dependent"
Written By: Anna Lembkea & Keith Humphreys
Published in: Journal of Groups in Addiction & Recovery
    Volume 7, Issue 2-4, 2012
Special Issue: Broadening the Base of Addiction Mutual Support Groups: Bringing Theory and Science to Contemporary Trends
Download your Free Copy from:

Major Industry Award
For "Responsible Drinking"
The Association for Behavorial
and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT)
has presented the
"ABCT Self-Help Book of Merit Award"
to the MM Workbook  "Responsible Drinking",
on October 1st 2010.
As an ABCT Award Winner,
the publishers now have the right
to add a commemorative seal to
future printings of this important book.

The MM Forum is Launched!
Visit the new MM Forum
The MM Forum features both public areas and subscriber-only content.
Come join in on the discussions -
Subscriber logins are free.

The Moderate Drinking Website
is Online!

Dr. Reid Hester has generously donated all profits from the program to Moderation Management™. The Moderate Drinking program is evidence-based, so consider giving it a try to improve your chances of success.
Direct link to this new resource:

Drinker's Checkup
The Drinker's Checkup
Wondering about your drinking? If you are unsure aboiut changing your drinking, consider this program by Dr. Reid Hester, a member of our MM Board of Directors.

New MM Literature Available!
See our "MM Literature and Publications" page, with our latest trifold pamphlet.

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˜ Statement of Appreciation ˜
The Board of Directors of Moderation Management
wishes to extend our Grateful Appreciation
and Remembrance for the Life and Work of Mr. Rudy Hoeltzel
[Mouse Over me for more...]
   Rudy Hoeltzel has passed on, but our memories hold. Please take a few moments to read his remembrance on our Memorial Page.

Moderation Management™ (MM)
is a behavioral change program and support group network for people concerned about their drinking and who desire to make positive lifestyle changes.

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The Moderation Management
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is a registered 501c Non-Profit
Corporation. We are lay-led
by individuals who are concerned
about their drinking.

MMNI is member-supported.
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