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Is MM Right For Me?

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I donít want to identify myself as an alcoholic but I do want to change my drinking habits. Great!
I really like getting buzzed or getting drunk. Isnít that a sign of a severe problem? Not in and of itself.
Isnít my ambivalence about drinking the core of my problem? No.
Iím doubtful about changing. Can MM help? Yes, indirectly.
Iím confident that I can change, but the things I've tried so far haven't worked Ė can MM help? Definitely.
My loved ones say I need AA, and Iím not ready or willing. You're welcome here.
Am I in denial? Probably not, but...
Do I need to hit bottom first? Nope.
Doesnít harm reduction perpetuate denial? Usually not.
I donít think I have a problem, but I want to change my habits. Great!
I drink less than the MM guidelines already, but I still want to cut back. Can MM help me, or isnít my problem severe enough? You're welcome here.
What if my therapist (physician, mentor, counselor) doesnít like MM? Think about it.
Iím abstaining long-term Ė can MM help me? It's certainly an option.
I abstained with the help of AA for years, and have been drinking (sometimes excessively) for the last year. Can MM help me? Yes.
My problem is that if I drink one day I canít stop the next. Are you sure?
What if Iím not ready? Be honest about that.
I think MM allows too much / too little drinking Ė what if I disagree or don't follow the rules? Not a problem.
I'd like to be in an online group, but I don't have much time to spend at the computer. Can MM still help? Sure.
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Revised 07.26.2003