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I don’t want to identify myself as an alcoholic but I do want to change my drinking habits.
I really like getting buzzed or getting drunk. Isn’t that a sign of a severe problem?
Isn’t my ambivalence about drinking the core of my problem?
I’m doubtful about changing. Can MM help?
I’m confident that I can change, but the things I've tried so far haven't worked ? can MM help?
My loved ones say I need AA, and I’m not ready or willing.
Am I in denial?
Do I need to hit bottom first?
Doesn’t harm reduction perpetuate denial?
I don’t think I have a problem, but I want to change my habits.
I drink less than the MM guidelines already, but I still want to cut back. Can MM help me, or isn’t my problem severe enough?
What if my therapist (physician, mentor, counselor) doesn’t like MM?
I’m abstaining long-term ? can MM help me?
I abstained with the help of AA for years, and have been drinking (sometimes excessively) for the last year. Can MM help me?
My problem is that if I drink one day I can’t stop the next.
What if I’m not ready?
I think MM allows too much / too little drinking ? what if I disagree or don't follow the rules?
I'd like to be in an online group, but I don't have much time to spend at the computer. Can MM still help?

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