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I'm on my way, but...

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I don’t want 3 or 4 beers, I want 6 or 8.
My family is pressuring me. What can I tell them?
Telling myself "I can’t drink today" makes me want it more.
Abstaining feels edgy, awful, sleep-disturbed, anxious. Is this normal?
My slip-ups and failures prove I need to be harder on myself, punish myself more, right?
I’m so frustrated because I am in failure mode. I just keep drinking despite my resolve not to.
I’m worried about "freshman euphoria". This seems too easy!
I feel deprived when I'm not drinking.
Can I just do a 30 and be done with it?
How long does it take to really moderate?
I?ve hit a plateau -- a bit of progress made, but not enough, and I’m feeling stuck -- what now?
Moderation: A result? An event?
Not drinking (or drinking less) feels artificial, contrived. What now?
Will I always have to be obsessed about drinking moderately?
What about backsliding? Relapsing?

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