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No, Thanks!

How we answer the questions,
"Can I pour you a drink?" and "Why not?"

keeping it simple

Direct answers

No, Thanks.

I've been tired all day and it would just make me sleepier.

I'm not drinking for a month, kind of a New Year's resolution.

caring for others


I'm driving.

I'm playing designated driver tonight.

I'm picking up the kids / taking the babysitter home in a couple hours.

caring for self


I'm trying to lose weight.

I'm taking medication that doesn't mix with alcohol.

I'm in training for a 10K, and drinking messes up my morning run.

I was sick earlier; my body's just not ready for it yet.

My liver is on vacation!

Don't tell anybody, but we're trying to get pregnant (and maybe we already are)!

I just worked out; I'd love a glass of water.

explaining it

Talk benefits

When I did my 30, I didn't explain MM but I told the truth, that I was abstaining for 30 days to lower my tolerance and change my drinking habits. I was amazed at the number of people who said, "that's great" or "I should do the same" or "I wish I could do that".

Explain the meaning

I'm abstaining for a while in memory of my friend who died because of his drinking problem.

I've cut back from the old days! Only a couple days a week tops now, and even then not that much.

After seeing my family members suffer with drinking problems, I'm comfortable drinking a lot less.

Talk up MM

I found this cool group of people online who are finding great ways to cut back on the drinking just like other groups help you change your diet.

distract 'em

Silliness works, too

I'm going to play soccer later (at which everyone laughs) but I will take a coke if you have one (and it works).

I'd rather eat my calories than drink them.

Drinking with this moon makes me totally psychotic.

Ask my friends, "Why are you drinking?" and let them hem and haw.

Drinking NA

I bring an NA beer, pour it in a glass, and people don't notice (or care).

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