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What Am I Saying "No" To?

When I say "Yes" to drinking


Having positive goals has been one of the most important factors for me.

Whenever I think, "Gee, wouldn't a glass of wine (or four!) be nice right now," I say to myself, "Well, okay, but what am I going to be giving up in exchange?" What will I not be able to do if I drink too much?

when saying "yes" is also saying "no"

The bottom line is that every time I make a choice to say "yes" to something, I'm saying "no" to something else. (It's obvious, but sometimes it's the obvious that we overlook, thinking it too simplistic!)

This applies to the choices we make about drinking as well. If we say "yes" to drinking (for those abstaining temporarily or permanently) or drinking immoderately, what are we saying "no" to?

Here are some of my answers:

  1. Accomplishing what I want in life
  2. Feeling physically well and my health and appearance in general
  3. Having the time or inclination to do those things I used to enjoy (hangovers are a BITCH!)
  4. Staying at my desired weight
  5. Having energy
  6. Being creative
  7. Keeping a sense of humor
  8. Concentration and focus
  9. Self confidence and self esteem

These are a few of the things that come to mind that I'm saying "no" to if I choose to drink too much.

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Revised 07.26.2003