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Drinking Moderately

Lessons we've learned from abstaining for 30 or more days

Abstaining for 30 days is not a magic bullet, but it's been a great tool for many of us.

Some of us have spent months building up to doing a 30, honing effective moderating skills along the way. Some have done one soon after discovering MM.

When the time comes, it often serves as a gateway to fresh understanding, heightened motivation, and newly integrated skills.

Here are a few first-person accounts of lessons learned, insights gained, and plans for the future.


Defusing A Trigger   Benefits I've sought from drinking ? Deconstructing a trigger ? Analyzing my options ? Making my decision
What Am I Saying "No" To? Goals ? Saying "yes" often means saying "no", too
Activities, Rules, Imperfections and Goals Alternate activities, new rules ? Imperfect, but not stuck ? Specific plans, positive goals
One Beer! The challenge ? Agreed to try praying ? Changed routines during the 30+ ? Rebelling with NA beer ? One beer!
Personal Inventory After A 30 Attitudes toward drinking ? Coping with your urges ? Reactions of others ? Moderation planning ? Self-awareness ? Positive lifestyle changes ? Self-image
I Choose Clarity And Awareness! In-depth plan ? Additions to the plan ? Altering and tweaking ? Living through the triggers ? Trading triggers for tidbits of info ? Choosing clarity
After My Second 30 Same old stuff not enough ? Fresh awareness ? Consciously pondering the alternatives ? Excited, not complacent

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