Count Your Drinks!

Why do we suggest Counting Your Drinks?

   To improve any behavior, it is good to know the current behavior
and place an objective value on it. This creates a starting point.
Recording each drink and the events surrounding those drinks provides
the data needed to establish this starting point.
   Useful values to collect while establishing this baseline include
drinks per day, and the duration of the drinking event This basic information
allows one to calculate blood alcohol level at critical times, and total drinks
per week. This information forms the basis for harm reduction and behavior change.
   A primary tool we use in MM is our awareness. Daily drink charting brings an
unconscious habit back to consciousness. With awareness comes control.
Many people find that the very act of counting the number of drinks consumed each week
results in an immediate improvement in their drinking behavior. The following chart
was developed to help people count weekly alcohol consumption and collect information
about related emotional or social situations connected to problem drinking episodes.
   There is no need to complete all the information on the chart. Use only what you find
useful. The information on this chart need not be shown to another living being.
It is personal. Be honest.
   Room is provided on the chart for recording positive lifestyle changes,
and small steps toward balance.

Below are a variety of formats for our Moderation Managment
"Weekly Drinking Behavior and Small Steps Form"
Please feel free to download this form in any format
and distribute them freely.

Confused about blood alcohol level?
See our BAC Table Pages.

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  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Format, printing two per page. Size: 24K
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  • Microsoft Excel 97 file- Single form on sheet, Protected (no password)
    ideal for spreadsheet data entry with Microsoft Excel. 30K

  • Microsoft HTML page, auto generated from Excel. Size: 25K

  • GIF Format, single form on page, in a Monochrome bitmap format. Size: 190K

  • MM's original Drink Counting form. HTML Format Size: 5K

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