How To Run A Moderation Management
Chat Room Meeting

How To Run An Online MM Meeting

One or two facilitators show up at the appointed time and open the room. The facilitator(s) socialize a bit with those who show up until either a handful of people are gathered or 15 minutes have gone by. At this point the facilitator(s) "reads" the Opening Statement and the Ground Rules.

These can be pasted into the chatroom by using Ctrl+V

Note that these should be pasted in only one paragraph at a time. The chatroom has a preset limit of 723 characters per message--anything longer than this will be chopped off on the screens of all users except the sender.

Opening Statement

Welcome to this meeting of Moderation Management. We are a group concerned about our drinking. The only requirement for participation is sharing this concern.

The purpose of Moderation Management is to provide a supportive environment for people who have made the healthy decision to reduce their drinking to harmless levels, and make other positive lifestyle changes. MM provides a set of guidelines to help members achieve their self-management goals and develop skills that lead to a more balanced way of living.

The strength of this program lies in the members of MM who are here to share their experiences and to help each other change. MM respects each member as a unique individual who has come to these meetings to work on a drinking problem, and, in turn, asks each member to respect its ground rules in order to maintain the integrity of the group.

Because we are a support group members do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. We do not judge. We have observed that each member must determine the severity of his or her own problem, and follow an appropriate plan of correction.

MM offers guidelines for moderate drinking based on safety, good health, and civic responsibility. We share our strategies for successful moderation and the restoration of balance, which include both changes in behavior and the management of emotions.

We have discovered that all plans of correction, even abstinence, are most successful when chosen by the individual. Any reduction in harmful behavior is considered progress. Our hope is to assist each other with the elimination of any harm in our lives related to alcohol abuse or dependence.

MM Meeting Ground Rules

An MM meeting is a safe, protected and confidential space. If you are concerned about your drinking, you are welcome here.

We are here to help each other. The appropriate attitude is one of mutual respect and tolerance.

People should not come to MM meetings intoxicated and we suggest abstaining from drinking altogether on meeting days.

We discourage our members from socializing together in drinking situations, and alcohol is never allowed at meetings or official MM-related activities. We share our experiences and our knowledge; we do not stand in judgment of others and we try to avoid giving personal advice.

We understand that individuals may choose paths other than ours; they are welcome if they are concerned about their drinking.

During The Meeting...

After the readings are finished, the facilitator(s) can go around the room and ask each person present if they have any particular issues which need to be addressed this evening or any questions about MM. The facilitator(s) should keep a pencil handy and note these down. Any latecomers should also be allowed a chance to raise any issues or questions they may have.

The facilitator(s) should also bring a set topic with them to each meeting.

If no one has a particular issue which needs to be addressed--the facilitator(s) can go straight to the topic.

If many issues need to be addressed the facilitator(s) may not get to the topic at all--but that is okay because it can always be used at a later meeting.

The facilitator should be prepared to stick around for about two hours if possible. Usually it takes about that long to address all serious concerns.

Usually we have not been formally closing the meetings--after about two hours everything degenerates into a social free-for-all.

When two facilitators are present they are free to split up the facilitator duties however they wish--but usually what people have been doing is have one person do the readings and ask for issues, and the other functioning as a scribe to make sure everyone's issues get covered.

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